The Team


Chris Heyerdahl [Portfolio] []

Chris functions as the team manager, having had previous experience in team management for design studio projects. Chris will also be handling sound design, animation, minor 3D modelling, and programming. Chris has had experience in independent animation, 3D artistry for independent projects, and sound design for both design studio projects, and independent projects.


Rebecca Baird []

Rebecca is the story designer and will be managing concept art and textures. This involves conducting preliminary research for appropriate references of similar environments, both from a historical and a horror perspective. After the research phase, Photoshop will be used to create textures and establish an artstyle. She has experience creating art and design aspects of games in past courses within the interactive multimedia and design program, as well as working on graphic design in a professional environment.


Erica Lekawski []

Erica is the lead software and hardware programmer. Erica has worked on a few virtual reality projects during her years at Carleton University. Her main task is to incorporate the hardware features, the Oculus Rift and Arduino, and the more complex programming such as enemy artificial intelligence.


Claudia Gunn-Harcus []

Claudia is doing level design, lighting and 3D modeling. She has previous experience with 3D modelling at Carleton and has thorough knowledge about proper game design and testing practices. Claudia has also worked with a start-up game developing company and was responsible for modeling and texturing creatures.


Brad Campbell []

Brad will focus on modelling finalized versions of the objects and UV mapping. Brad has worked on several modelling projects while at Carleton and independent projects. Brad has also worked has play tester for Blizzard Entertainment and has a strong background in the process of game testing for multiple styles of games.