As of now our presence system works correctly with every feature both with or without the heart rate sensor. There is still more balancing to do in order to make both experiences feel the same for the player no matter their choice. Going forward we plan to polish up our art and sound. This includes more character dialogue, sound balancing/mixing/mastering, and filling in the experience with more events and small visual and audio touches.


As we approach the Senior Project Fair on April 8th (official release, final build) and Ottawa Capital Gaming Expo April 1st & 2nd, we will be working to create an environment where those who visit our room can play any way they choose. With computer setups for VR and/or Heart-rate sensor, or neither of each and ample number of Xbox 360 controllers at each computer. For those spectating we will also have a projector setup which shows a VR player’s experience on the big screen. We will make an update with the equipment we secure so that we can inform you as to how many setups will be there.

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α to β – moving on from alpha

Greetings all! So as of today we are still in the Alpha stage, we reached Alpha target back in January with nearly everything working as intended. I’m happy to say that we’re closing in on Beta, and we predict that we will be testing that build later this week, some time before the 11th of March (More on this posted to our Facebook soon).


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